• Sports Injuries
    Sports Injuries
  • Helping our Clients
    Helping our Clients
  • Rugby Injuries
    Rugby Injuries

    Working with teams across Ireland and the UK

  • Pilates Classes
    Pilates Classes
  • GAA Sports Injuries
    GAA Sports Injuries

    Teams throughout the South East rely on us.

  • Full Equipped Gym
    Full Equipped Gym

    We have a fully equipped gym at your disposal.

  • Deep Tissue Massage
    Deep Tissue Massage
  • New Clinic Premises
    New Clinic Premises

    New Clinic Premises located on 'Hillcrest' Fort Road, Gorey, from Monday 12th November

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 8pm
Tuesday - 9am - 8pm
Wednesday - 9am - 8pm
Thursday - 9am - 8pm
Friday - 9am - 7pm

Sunday / Bank Holidays: Closed


Appointment duration is 30mins.


Standard Treatment €50
Club Discount Rate: €40
Home Visit: €60
Rehab session: €20
Casted Orthotics: €230
Carbonflex Orthotics: €120
Stock Orthotics €20-60
Pilates €80 for six one hour sessions of no more than 10 per class

A club discount rate applies to players from clubs who are registered with the clinic.
To register your club/team please contact the clinic
Only Chartered Physiotherapists are approved by healthcare insurers in Ireland.
You may be entitled to claim from your insurer for Physiotherapy expenses.

Credit Cards Accepted



Welcome to Physio Solutions

Physio Solutions has been open in Gorey since 2008 and in that time we have helped hundreds of people achieve their goals and move without pain. In 2012 we moved to our new premises in Market Square, Gorey. Our facilities now include two treatment rooms, a pilates studio and full rehabilitation gym. Our aim is to provide a complete physiotherapy and rehabilation service. We pride ourselves on the quality of our treatments.

For more information on our rehab facilities click here

Both Adrian and Louise are Chartered Physiotherapists and as so are extensively trained in the most up to date physiotherapeutic treatments from spinal manipulations to massage, dry needling and pilates. We are experts in diagnosing and treating spinal injuries, sports injuries and musculoskeletal dysfunctions. Our aim is to get out patients back moving freely and without pain as quickly as possible, but we also don’t want your injury to reoccur. That is why as Chartered Physiotherapists we put so much emphasis on rehabilitation as an integral part of your treatment along with manual therapy techniques.

We see a large range of people from budding adolescent sports stars, to more seasoned campaigners and everything in between. So whatever your goals are from winning Olympic gold to running marathons, digging in the garden, lifting your children, driving to work or just getting out of the chair and pain or injury is holding you back then our team have the skills to get you back on the right path and allow you to be “the best that you can be”.

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the treatment of disease or injury using physical means such as spinal mobilisation, manipulation, massage, stretching and electrical modalities. Therapeutic exercise and advice form a large part of the treatment enabling patients to help themselves. Your Chartered Physiotherapist will assess, diagnose and treat the problem and assist the patient to achieve optimal function.

What is a Chartered Physiotherapist?

The title "Physiotherapist" alone is not evidence of a formal qualification in Physiotherapy. A Chartered Physiotherapist is a specialised member of the health care team. We are recognised by the medical professions and the Department of Health.

The title "Chartered Physiotherapist" and the initials MISCP indicate that a physiotherapist is a member of the professional regulating body, the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists. Chartered Physiotherapists have the high level of education, knowledge and experience needed to give a high quality and effective service to patients. When you attend a Chartered Physiotherapist, you can be sure of:

  • "A professional, scientific approach to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of your complaint;
  • Seeing a therapist who has qualified with a University degree and who is committed to continuing education and research".

 Chartered Physiotherapists are recognised and covered by VHI, Quinn Healthcare, Vivas and other health insurance schemes.

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