Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 8pm
Tuesday - 9am - 8pm
Wednesday - 9am - 8pm
Thursday - 9am - 8pm
Friday - 9am - 7pm

Sunday / Bank Holidays: Closed


Appointment duration is 30mins.


Standard Treatment €50
Club Discount Rate: €40
Home Visit: €60
Rehab session: €20
Casted Orthotics: €230
Carbonflex Orthotics: €120
Stock Orthotics €20-60
Pilates €80 for six one hour sessions of no more than 10 per class

A club discount rate applies to players from clubs who are registered with the clinic.
To register your club/team please contact the clinic
Only Chartered Physiotherapists are approved by healthcare insurers in Ireland.
You may be entitled to claim from your insurer for Physiotherapy expenses.

Credit Cards Accepted


headacheThere can be numerous causes for headaches.

One of the most common is due to excessive tension in the muscles which move the neck and shoulders causing stiffness in the spinal joints of the neck.

Tension in the muscles which move the jaw can also produce headaches especially if you grind your teeth.

Physiotherapy can help by identifying and correcting aggravating postures, promoting relaxation and restoring mobility of the joints and soft tissues at fault.

Acupuncture can also assist in the treatment of headaches.

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