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Hip Pain

When running your hip will take over 7 times your body weight- it is no wonder that hip injuries are common. The hip joint is a deep, well-fitted joint and is adapted for weight bearing and stability.  It is so good at bearing weight that we take it for granted and push it to its limits. 

Common causes of hip pain:

Trochanteric bursitis - This is an inflamed bursa or sack of fluid on the outer aspect of the hip bone.  It is painful to lie on, can give pain on foot strike during walking and running, and may hurt to touch.   This is commonly caused by a direct trauma, but may also be the result of repeated friction at the hip from overtraining or a muscle imbalance around the hip. Apply regular ice in line with the PRICE protocol, rest from aggravating activities, and stretch out the muscles around the hip and thigh.  

Deep Hip Pain - This is a symptom and not a diagnosis.  If the pain over the front of the hip has been long-standing and is becoming more frequent or constant then this may be a sign of osteoarthritis in the hip joint.  The pain may also be associated with a loss of movement at this joint, in inwards rotation and knee-to-chest movement.  There may be a history of previous trauma.  Stretch out the muscles around the hip, rest from aggravating activites and apply regular ice or heat to ease the pain.

All of these muscles, the hip joint itself, and the ligaments which support the joint can all be the cause of hip pain.  For a thorough assessment and diagnosis of your hip joint problem contact Physio Solutions today. 

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