Opening Hours

Monday - Friday: 9am - 8pm
Tuesday - 9am - 8pm
Wednesday - 9am - 8pm
Thursday - 9am - 8pm
Friday - 9am - 7pm

Sunday / Bank Holidays: Closed


Appointment duration is 30mins.


Standard Treatment €50
Club Discount Rate: €40
Home Visit: €60
Rehab session: €20
Casted Orthotics: €230
Carbonflex Orthotics: €120
Stock Orthotics €20-60
Pilates €80 for six one hour sessions of no more than 10 per class

A club discount rate applies to players from clubs who are registered with the clinic.
To register your club/team please contact the clinic
Only Chartered Physiotherapists are approved by healthcare insurers in Ireland.
You may be entitled to claim from your insurer for Physiotherapy expenses.

Credit Cards Accepted


Do I need a GP referral?

GP referrals are not necessary to have physiotherapy. If you have a GP referral bring it in or any X-Ray, MRI reports that you have so we can keep a copy in your chart for reference. If, on assessment, we deem your condition requires medical attention we will refer you on to an appropriate physician or consultant.

Is Physiotherapy treatment appropriate for back and neck problems?

Yes. Chartered Physiotherapists are qualified to treat all spinal problems. Physiotherapy is considered to be more effective and cheaper than chiropractic or other therapies for back and neck pain. If in doubt ask your GP which would be best for you.

What should I wear for treatment?

Dress comfortably in loose fitting clothes. The physiotherapist will need to see the affected body part. If your lower limb is the injured area, we will supply shorts, or you can bring your own pair to wear. For spinal pain it will be necessary to remove your top so we can check your alignment, as well as providing that all important hands-on treatment.

How do I pay you?

Payment must be made after each consultation. Receipts may be given either after each treatment session, or when your course of treatment is complete.

We accept cash, cheque, laser or credit card for your convenience.

What can I expect when I receive treatment?

Via a thorough assessment, we aim to provide each patient with a diagnosis of their condition, an individual treatment plan with approximate duration and likely prognosis. We will discuss every stage with you and reassess at each treatment. The treatments effects will be monitored and adjusted if necessary to ensure that agreed and realistic outcomes can be achieved.

Do you know how many treatments I will need?

Each patient and each condition is different. After your first appointment the Physiotherapist will discuss the expected number of treatments. You will be reassessed on each visit to check your progress. The average number of sessions would be 3-4 sessions for most things. This of course varies depending on your condition and what your goals are. This is quite different than chiropractic where up to 20-30 sessions are often promoted.

I have Private Medical Insurance - am I covered to attend?

Yes of course. We are recognised by all the major insurance companies; VHI, Laya, Aviva and Garda Medical Aid. Just check your own policy for terms and conditions and the amount that you can claim. We will provide receipts for all your treatment sessions. Whatever you cannot claim back from your health insurance provider can be claimed back on the Med 1 Form available on the Revenue Online website

When should I come for Physiotherapy?

  • If you have suffered a sudden injury that leads to swelling, dysfunction and significant pain
  • If you have a gradual niggling ache that gets worse with exercise
  • If you have a niggling ache that eases as you exercise, only to come back once you have stopped your activity, or the next morning
  • If your pain has lasted longer than 1 week
  • If you have pain that restricts your normal activities of daily living
  • If you have pain that wakes you up from your sleep every night
  • If you have pain that is getting worse, causing numbness or pins and needles
  • If you have referred by your GP or Consultant

Is there a waiting list for treatment?

No. We aim to see all patients within 24 hours. If you want to be seen on the same day it is best to ring early in the morning.

Can I claim back against tax?

Yes, Chartered Physiotherapy fees are tax refundable. Whatever you don’t get back from your health insurer you may claim the rest back against tax. You will receive a 20% tax rebate for this. You should give your receipt to your accountant or you can claim direct by filling out a ‘Med 1’ Form. This is available on the Revenue Online website

How long after I get injured should I wait before I come to physio?

This depends on the type of injury. For most sports injuries that involve a pulled muscle or ligament you should wait 2-3 days before coming to physio. During this stage you should follow the PRICE protocol. For back and neck injuries you may be able to commence physio immediately. If you are in any doubt you should contact the clinic for advice.

What is PRICE?

P- Protect the injured tissue from undue stress that may disrupt the healing process and cause further injury. Eg crutches, sling, braces etc.
R- Rest reduces the energy requirements of the area, avoids any unnecessary increase in blood flow, ensures protection of the area and optimises healing.
I- Ice helps constrict the local blood vessels and reduces cell activity which helps limit bleeding and reduce the accumulation of unnecessary scar tissue. Crushed ice wrapped in a damp towel is best. Ice should be applied immediately after the injury for 15 mins every 2-3 hours or no more than 5-10 mins on bony areas.
C- Compression helps to reduce the amount of swelling. Simple off the shelf compression bandages such as Tubigrip and adjustable neoprene supports are great. It is important to ensure that the bandages are not too tight to cause pins and needles or loss of feeling around the joint.
E- Elevation. For greater effect the injured part should be higher than the level of the heart. This helps to lower the blood pressure, limit bleeding and encourage drainage of fluid through the lymphatic system.

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